Opportunities Are All Around Us

 “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.

I am sure you have heard throughout your life that you can do anything you put your mind to. In one ear it went and right out the other. Right? When did you stop believing your wildest dreams were achievable? 

As children, we often plan for extravagant careers as we grow up and get to be adults. There is an unbreakable hope, confidence, and resiliency to grow to be whatever we want to be. A professional ballerina? No problem. A neuroscientist or astronaut – why not? Better yet, why not YOU? What message has been on repeat, but when did the record get stuck?

For most of us, it’s usually around our preteen years when we start experiencing judgment and untold expectations from our peers. Doubt and disbelief of others creep into our minds and snuff the light out that’d been burning since the day we were born. Letting life happen to us instead of shaping life into the masterpiece it could be. 

The great news is… Napoleon Hill’s theory never expires. We just need to tweak our thinking so we can start creating our own self-fulfilling beliefs. There’s no more room for negativity! It’s literally never too late to make a change and start working towards your dreams.

Supportive Surroundings

In order to craft your own personal positivity thought cloud, you need to surround yourself with supportive input. For instance, think about the type of music you listen to… what are the lyrics saying? So many of us play music in the background of our lives and don’t even slow down enough to really hear the messaging that’s being planted into our subconscious. Choosing music that makes you feel empowered, uplifted, and confident is a great way to get your mindset in a positive direction. 

It’s the same with people; surrounding yourself with friends, family, and colleagues you respect and even look up to. Like-minded people stick together and tend to rub off on each other. With that being said, if you were to hang around severely depressed souls all day that only complains about the weather, the state of the world, and their sad life at home, are you going to feel like taking on your dreams? Probably not. You’d probably delve down into the doldrums with them and get the record stuck again. Find your tribe! – others you aspire to be more like, have goals, and a positive perspective. 

Believe It 

You have to believe in your abilities. Sounds so easy but is challenging if we allow it to be. Sometimes we need to alter our beliefs to better serve us; understanding that not all negative beliefs can just be removed from our minds is something we have to accept. By understanding and restructuring your thoughts, they are released to the universe by certain beliefs that help us regain control over what we accept as truth and how we use that truth for the good. 

For instance, because of my upbringing on a farm, I have this belief that if I don’t do a particular task at the very moment, it’s realized, something will die. It’s part of me, and I made it work for me since I couldn’t delete it. Now when I am feeling anxious about a situation or a task, I can ask myself, will something or someone die if I don’t get to this until morning? Or will I be just hurting myself by forcing it – staying up too late and working too many hours? I now use this negative belief as a guide to assess priority levels to ease my stress and the expectation I put on myself. 

Repeating positive messaging, like mantras or affirmations, is important to stay tuned to the frequency we want to be emitting. Celebrating our little wins and loving ourselves with congratulations consistently is necessary to stay in line with your journey to achieving your dream. It takes practice – you will never be perfect, and that’s OK. No one is!

The power you hold is positively dream-worthy… I can’t wait to see you win! In fact, I am even here to help you do it; in guiding you to discover your defeating beliefs, their origins and rewriting them into a positive upgrade for your life. 

Reach out to me, and let’s talk. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses over the years to develop marketing strategies that showcase who they are while selling their products or services.


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Article By: Amy Nubson


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Opportunities are all around us

Opportunities Are All Around Us

I am sure you have heard throughout your life that you can do anything you put your mind to. In one ear, it went and right out the other.

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